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As a Leading WPC doors manufacturer in China,we engaged in 2008 Beijing Olympic games,Win 50% projects at Olympic Village which greatly inspired us.Also received favourable reviews about our products.

Olympic games Supplier from China

What is WPC?

Wood plastic composite (WPC) is manufactured by combining fine wood particles with heated thermoplastic resin. The thermoplastics that are used come from virgin or recycled plastic. The most common method of production is to extrude the material into the desired shape, or by injection moulding to get the beautifully smooth or wood-simulating door panels we are so proud of.

What is WPC Doors?
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Meeting our Customers

We would like to meet our customers’ needs in any way we can. Our technical staff works with our clients, incorporating great designs and innovative concepts to create our WPC doors. With each WPC door and frame, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

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It is important for a purchase manager know about WPC Doors when they source.

Kingwave technical team collect information and sorting data,

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Kingwave is company easy to deal with,You will see the shipdate always on time and more important thing product is expected,good quality. wpc doors is a new materials used in doors,I believe the market will be bigger in Brasil

M. Caldwell
M. CaldwellPurchase Director

Work with Kingwave is a effortless process,the order arrived at before the required date,Although this is the first order with Kingwave,their professional service helped me know what I need quickly and placed two containers interior doors,Believe that we will cooperate better.

K. Canzoneri
K. CanzoneriCEO

I have been a Kingwave buyer for years. They are very professional, responsive and knowledgeable.I feel that they have the doors to fulfill what you needs.

K. Hulsing
K. HulsingImport Manager
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